Press and Media

The Initium

Interview on the Initiums website from August 2015.

Scandinavian Traveler

I got interviewed by Scandinavian Airlines' inflight magazine Scandinavian Traveler about my experiences of Hong Kong. It it now available on all of SAS' flights around the world or you can read it here:

Obscura Magazine

An interview from Obscura Magazine about the Homesickness Collection, January 2015

South China Morning Post

Mesh neckpiece featured in South China Morning Post in December 2014

Ming Pao

Featured in Ming Pao in December 2014 

Dagens Industri

Featured as part of Creative Swedes during the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, December 2014

Space Unseen 

I was interviewed by the wonderful people over at Space Unseen. Please follow link for full article!

Spot Design Award, In 'Bed With Designers' exhibition

My mesh neckpiece was awarded the Spot Design Award 2014 during the 'In Bed With Designers' exhibition in Hong Kong, curated by buyMeDesign.

Squarefoot Magazine

Featured in squarefoot magazine